Do you need a new computer? Do you need one fixed?
Our mission is to help keep people who need their computers and networks built and/or fixed at reasonable prices.

We want to help everyone that has a reparable computer or network to get it repaired without paying the HIGH computer store prices.
We also build computers for people that just want to get to the internet with a small, dependable computer.

On the other hand, if you want red-hot gaming rigs with high performance multi-core hyperthreaded processors, large memories, solid state disks, high frame rate video cards and a very fast network adapter. We have some we will sell or will build one specifically for you. Likewise we have used computers.

We also build home networks for people that want to share their internet connection between computers.

If it has to do with computers, communications or the Internet, we do it; do it well, inexpensively and quickly.

Our very small (yes ask our customers), profits go to help finding a Cure for Cancer.